In School Programs

Scarsdale Strings is a premier ARTS EDUCATION institution… offering comprehensive in-school and after-school STEAM-infused arts education programs in music, dance, theater and visual arts. Our programming is all-inclusive – we provide everything from teachers and curricula to instruments and administrative support, catering to schools and children of different needs and capabilities. We are partners in perpetuity that work with each school to tailor a program that would best fit the school’s environment. • Whole school reform through arts programming • Teachers trained at top education programs, artist-educators • Consistency through take-home instrument rentals • Curriculum designed to provide a strong, lifelong music and arts foundation • Literacy and math concepts at the root of every lesson plan • School support through the Scarsdale Strings administrative team

Throughout our partnership…

Misoprostol available canada the scholars have the opportunity to study orchestral as well as band instruments. We will expand the study of these instruments to include ensemble work. To supplement this increased responsibility, we will augment band and orchestral studies with an instrument take-home component. If your scholar has been studying recorder, these instruments will be sent home this February. All other instruments will be sent home in March.

how to buy Pregabalin from canada Our classes include an introduction to music theory — including the treble clef, the musical staff, and note names — as well as a strong, consistent foundation in instrumental technique. Scholars will work on correct posture and placement of their instrument and will focus on creating a smooth and even tone. They will be instructed in proper playing technique for their instrument in order to achieve their optimal sound and physical flexibility at each stage of their technical development.

Orchestra ensemble

penumbral The orchestra ensemble will be made up of students who are selected by audition from their single-instrument classes. Students in the orchestra will have the opportunity to join the Scarsdale Strings District Charter Orchestra, which consists of students from Scarsdale Strings programs across New York City, for performances.

(excerpted from the Scarsdale Strings Parent Letter in partnership with the Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School)